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"Made in Germany" - kvalitet som kunder over hele verden kan stole på
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Always on the safe side in the dark with the new VARTA Outdoor Sports Reflective LED Band

The new Outdoor Sports Reflective LED Band is the perfect accessory for all sports enthusiasts who want to keep fit during the fall and winter seasons when visibility is poor and weather conditions are bad.

The must-have for any handbag – the new Handbag Light from VARTA Consumer

According to a study, every woman spends an average of 76 days* of her life looking for things in her handbag. Thanks to the new Handbag Light from VARTA Consumer, this time can now be spent otherwise.

Recharging a battery – and defending against attackers: the new VARTA Safety Power Bank delivers twice the security

Whether you find yourself in a dark park or an empty parking garage, poorly lit areas can make you feel unsafe. With the brand-new Safety Power Bank 2600 mAh from VARTA, not only can smartphones and MP3 players be recharged anywhere and anytime, an integrated alarm siren also provides additional safety for users against assault and harassment.

Charging with style – the new VARTA Power Banks 5200 mAh combine power and elegance

A glance at the smartphone screen catches your eye: the battery power bar reveals that the battery is almost empty again. There is no socket in sight, and you are expecting an important call. Your smartphone begins to ring right at that moment, but it powers off when you try to answer the call: battery empty. This would not have happened with the new VARTA Power Banks, which supply enough energy for two smartphones or one tablet* – while also looking extremely chic.
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